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At Emir Fashion, we use a variety of technologies used in the production of accessories in order to offer a wide range of products tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We have our own tool room, where we make injection molds, electroplating, departments for the production of plastic and metal garment accessories, and we also create our own materials from polyester resins.  

Find out more about our main technologies:

Maszyna do szycia


We have our own tool room where we create injection molds which are the basis for further production of details. Thanks to this, we have supervision over the creation of our patterns from the very beginning.



We produce all kinds of metal accessories by injection and casting in rubber.


We have our own electroplating plant, specially adapted to work on small details. We cover both metal products and those made of ABS with colored metals. 


ABS nylon

Synthetic materials allow to create all kinds of buttons, clasps and accessories from injection molds. Nylon accessories can be dyed, metallized, varnished or galvanized so that they resemble metal products.


Buttons made of polyester resin, buckles and decorations are characterized by beautiful patterns, each of which is unique. 


Materials from polyester resins are created on site in our factory by the technique of pouring plastic - on cylinders in the form of plates and in tubes in the form of rollers.

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